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恭賀本校學生獲得Young Investors Society舉辦的Dollar-A-Day Challenge比賽獎學金


活動 / 比賽名稱:

Dollar-A-Day Challenge



January 2020 and March 2020


Young Investors Society


彭惠卿 Pang Wai Hing、林俊彥 Lam Chun Yin


商科 (BAFS and BF)



Young Investors Society 為一所美國非牟利機構,致力培育及推廣學生及青少年對個人理財及投資的知識。


本校兩名中四級學生潘晨雯(S.4B)及劉舒欣(S.4B)於2020年1月獲得Young Investors Society 舉辦的Dollar-A-Day Challenge比賽獎學金,各將獲得365美元的獎學金。


隨後,本校再有多兩名學生於2020年3月第二輪的Dollar-A-Day Challenge比賽中獲獎,該兩名學生為:陳映瑄 (S.3B)及陳嘉琪(S.3B),學生將各獲得182.5美元獎學金。


Young Investors Society is a non-profit making organization in the United States. It aims to prepare the next generation of outstanding investors and enhance young people’s financial literacy.


PAN CHENWEN (S.4B) and LIU SHUXIN (S.4B) were awarded the “Dollar-A-Day Challenge Free Money Match” Scholarships (fall 2019) given by the Young Investors Society in January 2020. Each awardee will receive 365 US dollars.


Furthermore, two more students from our school, CHAN YING HUEN (S.3B) and CHAN KA KI (S.3B) were awarded the second round “Dollar-A-Day Challenge Free Money Match” Scholarships (Spring 2020) in March 2020. Each awardee will receive 182.5 US dollars.



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