Important Notice 3 延長假期安排(三)

Dear S6 students,

New arrangement for the S6 Mock Examination

In view of the latest situation of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Education Bureau decided on Feb 13 that schools will not resume classes before March 16. The special school days scheduled for all S6 students from Mar 2 to Mar 25 will be cancelled.

The S6 Mock Examination papers will be distributed to student for doing at home as practice papers. Teachers will mark the returned scripts to enable students to know about their level of performance, but the marks will not be counted in their annual academic results. Please collect the mock exam papers from the School Office from 12 noon on Feb 20 and submit the answer scripts to school by 12 noon on Feb 28. Lastly, you will be able to collect the marked scripts from the School Office from 10 a.m. on Mar 12.

If you are not able to collect the exam papers or submit the answer scripts in person, you can assign a representative to pick up or submit for you.










Student Grant

The Education Bureau has announced on Feb 6 that the deadline to submit the Student Grant application forms will be extended to two weeks after the class resumption day. Parents may submit the completed forms to your child’s class teachers within two days after the class resumption day. The school will submit the forms to the Education Bureau as soon as possible. Completed forms can also be submitted to school by post during the class suspension period. (School address: 3 Wong Yin Street, Tuen Mun, N.T.)




教育局已於6/2/2020宣布,收表限期延長至復課日之後的兩星期,各家長可於復課後兩天內將表格交回 貴子女的班主任。學校收集表格後,會盡快將表格提交教育局。家長亦可選擇於此段延遲復課期間,將表格郵寄至本校(地址:新界屯門旺賢街三號)。





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