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馬登盃 Marden Cup


目的 Aims

  1. 強化班本之凝聚力
    To strengthen the team spirit of a class
  2. 提升學生對學校之歸屬感
    To enhance students' sense of belonging to school
  3. 讓師生一同經歷、分享及成長
    To let students and teachers experience, share and grow together


組別 Divisions

初級組 Junior division: S.1-S.3

高級組 Senior division: S.4-S.6



The class with the highest total scores
in Junior and Senior division
  →   馬登盃 Marden Cup
Whole class: Free Trip to Ocean Park



日程 Schedule


項目 Events 日期 Date
Sports Day Marden Cup Game
Marden Cup Racing Game