S.3 TSA Quiz Monthly Top Students Award Scheme

1. 理念 Mission

每週一測乃建基於劉京海成功教育的(「低」起點、「小」步子 、「多」活動、「快」回饋)的理念上,我們相信只有讓學生體驗成功,才能成就下一個成功。小成功乃大成功之母。每週一測乃根據「小步子」和「快回饋」的原則,特別針對低動機和欠耐力的學生,讓他們從「小」從「淺」入手,累積小成功,持續不懈。同時,測驗後盡快回饋,讓他們從錯誤中學習和提昇。從而積少成大,內化成為習慣和信念。


We believe that students can achieve the next goal only through experiencing success. According to the principle of ‘Little Steps’ and ‘Instant Feedback’, we conduct weekly quiz to facilitate students’ learning, especially those who have low motivation and are short of patience. In this way, students can continuously gain satisfaction from small achievements through the weekly quiz. Also, instant feedback is given to students soon after the quiz, so that they can learn from their mistakes.


2. 施行級別 Classes involved

中三級 S.3 由十月份開始(十二月除外),安排中三級於課堂進行中、英、數小測。

Starting from October (except December), all s.3 students will have a monthly quiz in Chinese, English or Mathematics.


3. 獎勵 Awards


Top Achievers: Top three students in the form


4. 成績公布 Result

十月 October

3B        潘晨雯            PAN CHENWEN

3A        石成達            SACAY ZANDER MYLES

3B        何艾娜            AL WESABI ALAA

十一月 November


一月 January


二月 February


三月 March


四月 April


五月 May




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