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大葉大學 Da-Yeh University



大學簡介 Introduction


Da-Yeh University has 11891 students and staff, located in Dacun Township in Changhua County of Taiwan, and has seven colleges: College of Engineering, College of Design and Arts, College of Management, College of Foreign Languages, College of Biotechnology and Bio-resources, College of Tourism and Hospitality, and College of Nursing and Health Science. They provide apprenticeship and service learning activities, to help students who are “willing to learn, willing to do, willing to give, and willing to be responsible”.



特色/優勢 Features

教學品質及學術聲望 Teaching quality & reputation

  • 連續九年獲台灣政府核定為「教學卓越大學」
    For nine consecutive years, it has been recognized by the Taiwan government for Teaching Excellence.

  • 補助經費金額連年增長,名列全國第四
    4th highest for annual increase in funding in Taiwan


國際交流與合作 International cooperation

  • 姊妹校遍及全球各國,如:英、美、德、澳、日、韓等
    Sister schools in UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Korea

  • 提供雙聯學位、交換生、海外實習
    Double degrees, exchange, and overseas internships available.


大學成就及肯定 Accomplishments & recognitions

  • 「世界大學網路排名」:躍升全球前
    7% (2018) Top 7% in Webometrics Rankings of World Universities (2018)

  • 「2017年iF全球頂尖設計大學榮譽榜」:全球第43名,全 台灣第9名) (2017)
    43rd in global ranking, 9th in Taiwan for 2017 iF World Design University Ranking

  • 「台灣中部地區企業最愛大學」:第8位 (2016)
    8th in enterprises’ favorite university in central Taiwan (2016)

  • 「世界綠能大學排名─台灣大學排名」第2位 (2015)
    2nd for Taiwan Universities in UI Green Metric World University Rankings 2015

  • 「台灣中部地區企業最愛私校排名」第4位 (2015)
    4th for enterprises’ favorite private university in central Taiwan (2015)



報讀安排 Admission


School Principal’s Nomination Scheme



Scholarship Scheme

Students in the School Principal’s Nomination Scheme who applied for Da-Yeh University as their first choice


Can receive NT80000
(distributed over 8 semesters) when students have scored more than 80 for the previous semester and ranked in the top 20% in class

Students in the School Principal’s Nomination Scheme with DSE scoring 12 or above
Can receive 50% tuition & miscellaneous fee waived for two semesters in the first year

Students in the School Principal’s Nomination Scheme who are also in the top three in class for all semesters

Every year, two students (from all Caritas schools) can receive a full tuition & miscellaneous fee waiver for four years