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大學簡介 Introduction


Wesleyan College, founded in 1836, was the first female college in the United States to issue Bachelor’s degrees. Its most famous alumnae are the Soong sisters. In the last 100 years, many of its graduates have become elites or leaders of different fields. It upholds the triple ideals of “elitist education”, “female education” and “internationalized education”, carrying on the knowledge-seeking spirit of the Soong sisters and aims at bringing out international female meritocracy.



特色/優勢 Features


Wesleyan College is ranked no.141 in National Liberal Arts Colleges.  



報讀安排 Admission

保送/校長推薦計劃 School Principal’s Nomination Scheme

本校畢業生將透過計劃保送入讀美國衛斯理安學院(Wesleyan College), 符合要求者可豁免部分入學條件*,及提供學費減免**。

*豁免SAT考試成績    **學費半免

Our graduates will be able to further study at Wesleyan College under the reciprocal agreement*. Qualified graduates will be exempted from certain requirements and could possibly enjoy a tuition discount**.

*SAT: not required    **50% Tuition Remission



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